Continuous 1’500 Gauss magnetic field generator

*** Available in March 2020 ***

The chronometric accuracy of watches is modified more and more by magnetic fields.
Although still in force, the NIHS 90-10 standard covers only weak magnetic fields : 4’800 A/m or 60 Gauss.
In order to meet the ongoing demand of all major Swiss brands for a system with stronger magnetic fields, H2i is currently developing a new generator of adjustable higher intensities dedicated to the watch industry.

Scheduled on March 2020, this module will incorporate a directionnel stage with an integrated acoustic measurement system in a 60 x 60mm air gap.

Magnetic field

Up to 1’500 Gauss

Adjustable stage

With angle indicator


Air gap

60 x 60mm

Acoustic measurement


Download the datasheet

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