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The Technical Watchmaker Show (TWS) returns for its 4th edition. Dedicated specifically to the watchmaking and microtechnology professions, the show will be held from September 12 to 15, 2023 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the capital of watchmaking expertise.

This year, three Acrotec Group companies will be present at the TWS: H2i, Petitpierre and Horlyne, which you can find at booths B1 for H2i and Petitpierre and B16 for Horlyne.

H2i will be presenting its new-generation chronometric measuring instruments. The company designs and manufactures tools for the demanding precision measurement of watches and watch movements. The Accuracy range for acoustic measurement and HMS technology for daytime running control will be on show.

Petitpierre will be showcasing its new metrology technology and top-of-the-range watchmaking tooling. The company specializes in the manufacture of special machines, measuring equipment, tooling and fixtures. Petitpierre will be demonstrating the drop and lumen devices, a revolutionary duo of two independent compact units that are the perfect solution for cleaning micro-parts in harsh workshop environments and for post-production optical measurement.

Horlyne will be showcasing its beautiful oscillating weights and fine craftsmanship. The company specializes in the manufacture of oscillating weight, an essential component of watch movements. Horlyne offers a wide range of oscillating weights, all manufactured entirely in-house using only top-of-the-range materials. Thanks to its mastery of various arts and crafts, the company also offers a wide range of dressing services.

The Technical Watchmaker Show will be an opportunity for professional watchmakers to discover the latest innovations in the watchmaking industry. The show is also an opportunity for companies in the sector to present their products and services to a wide audience.

Please register for the event via this link: REGISTRATION

The Acrotec Group will be present at the 2023 edition of the EPHJ (Exposition Internationale de la Haute Précision) which will be held from June 6 to 9 at the Palexpo in Geneva, Switzerland.

Visitors will be able to discover all the skills and know-how of the group’s companies in the watchmaking and medical sectors.


The following companies will be present and happy to welcome you:

The companies of the Medtech division that will exhibit on the same stand:

Create your badge by clicking here and meet us at booth G-H35 to discover the latest trends and innovations in the field of high precision. The group’s companies will present their products and expertise, as well as their commitment to providing customized solutions to their customers.



The Technical Watchmaker Show is officially back for its 3rd edition after a two-year absence.

Dedicated especially to the watchmaking and microtechnology trades, the show will be held from September 20th to 23rd, 2022 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, the capital of watchmaking know-how, at the old slaughterhouse, as was the case for the last edition in 2019.

Three companies of the Acrotec Group will be present.

At booth N°B1, come discover the new technology of the lumɇn & drøp, the high-end watchmaking equipment, or the 4-point measuring device from Petitpierre.

Alongside them, you will find a high-speed camera especially dedicated to the watchmaking industry, as well as the new generation of chronometric measurement instruments developed by H2i, including the Accuracy Motion and the HMS state-of-the-art measurement module.

At booth B12, you will be able to see the beautiful oscillating weights and crafts from Horlyne.

You can sign up to the event by clicking here.

EPHJ, the world’s largest trade fair for high precision, subcontracted watchmaking and jewelry, microtechnology and medical technology, will return for a 2022 edition from June 14 to 17 at Palexpo Geneva.

Meet H2i on the Acrotec booth G-H35 and discover the latest technologies and innovations.

New for this edition! For its 20th anniversary, EPHJ has decided to organize a job dating day devoted to candidates, future graduates and future apprentices who will have the opportunity to meet company managers on Friday, June 17.

Create your badge by clicking here and meet us on booth G-H35!

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H2i’s new dynamic acoustic measurement device, the Accuracy Motion was declared the winner of the EPHJ 2020 Exhibitors Grand Prix for its contribution to high-precision watchmaking.

Pushing the limits of watchmaking measurement

Thanks to dozens innovative solutions received by the EPHJ jury, the 2020 Exhibitors Grand Prix was able to go ahead despite the live Trade Show event being cancelled. The Exhibitors voted that H2i’s revolutionizing acoustic measurement instrument, the Accuracy Motion, was the most deserving of the winning prize for its contribution to high-precision watchmaking. The outstanding innovation of this instrument lies in its ability to automatically test the chronometric precision of mechanical movements in 32,400 3D watch positions. To explain the significance of the innovation, it should be mentioned that previous limit for this measurement was just 6 positions. The direct adjustment with an inertial and strain wave gearing unit brings this product closer to aerospace technologies than to the standard watchmaking industry.

H2i Accuracy Motion dynamic acoustic watch measurement device

H2i Accuracy Motion dynamic acoustic watch measurement device

Celebrating this well-deserved success, Jean-Charles Rousset and Emmanuel Baudet, co-directors of H2i, highlighted the importance of their achievement: “We are very happy with this recognition from our peers. We have worked tirelessly with the Acrotec Group R&D team at our shared premises in Cortaillod, Switzerland, to push the technological limits of acoustic measurement for watches. This product enables watch manufacturers to put in place test and control measurements with optimal chronometric quality for their watches.”

The other finalists of the 2020 Exhibitors EPHJ Grand Prix were Fischer Connectors SA, Norimat, Meyrat SA and Tornos SA. EPHJ is the most important professional annual show for the high-precision sector embracing jewelry, watchmaking and MedTech, and a haven for micro-technologies and latest innovations. After the announcement of the winner, H2i had the pleasure of welcoming officials from the EPHJ Show to its premises at Cortaillod in Neuchâtel, to hand over the trophy to the company’s two founding directors, in the presence of Acrotec Group CEO, François Billig.

H2i’s co-directors together with Acrotec Group’s CEO François Billig and EPHJ officials

H2i’s co-directors together with Acrotec Group’s CEO François Billig and EPHJ officials