News – February 2017, H2i joins Petitpierre SA

After several successful, highly technical joint ventures, the Petitpierre company, the flagship of micro technology with over 40 years of experience, acquired our young start-up H2i, renowned for recently marketing new generation, horology instrumentation.

The success of both H2i and Petitpierre are due to the common desire to produce technically perfect products, as well as offering wide user experience: product designs, smooth interfacing and the optimisation of every detail.

The two companies will now concentrate their skills on the two main activities that have shaped their image: the development and production of watchmaking tools as well as the development of assembly machines for control and chronometric measurement for the horology industry.

2 Founders, 1 obsession: Innovation.

Emmanuel Baudet and Jean-Charles Rousset met through joint projects on important, complex and avant-garde innovations on watch oscillating systems. Together, they faced daunting challenges in a very short space of time. The results obtained were evident: to be innovative, one must be able to measure accurately.

“To be innovative, measure.”

The company H2i was created in June 2014 (Horology Instrumentation Innovation)
Their highly complementary skills for developing products, designs and interfaces have rapidly enabled them to provide performance, precise and adapted tools for Swiss watchmaking manufacturers. Several worldwide patents have been registered, notably for new precise measuring methods for mechanical watches, facilitating the young company to build strong partnerships with leading watch brands.