“A good product must incorporate a high-performance interface that is easy and pleasant to use.”

Laboratory and quality control measuring machines are often equipped with old-fashioned interfaces that can be unreliable and complicated to use. At H2i, we take particular care in providing both high performance and user-friendly interface machines. We work with the latest programming methods which makes them adaptive, portable and tactile.

In 2015, through partnerships with several watch brands, we have concentrated part of our research work on the development of a unique and modular interface which can be adapted for all machines. Whatever the kind or number of modules used, they will automatically be detected and recognised by the interface once they are connected by USB key: no more COM port information and no more configuration is required.

We are skilled in different programming languages and we are able to adapt to any kind of requests: quick set-up, control of your own equipment, etc.

Our interface designs are greatly appreciated by our customers and can be used during events, in front-office, showrooms, etc.

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