High speed cameras are widely used by technicians and engineers in laboratories to detect phenomenon invisible to the human eye. These are generally extremely powerful and precise tools, however also an expensive and complex investment, with little flexibility.

In order to facilitate the use of these tools by the watchmakers themselves, we have designed an ultra compact camera with optical and digital zooms which can be controlled by a very simple interface.


Frame rates

200 to 2000 FPS


Resolution at 2000 FPS

2048 x 80 px



optical & digital


integrated LED

The interface that we have developed for this application is extremely simple. It enables videos to be shoot in just a few clicks and seconds.
Choose the rate and the acquisition time. The video is automatically shoot at reduced speed. You can then read the video with the help of the cursor and look for the specific phenomenon for observation. It’s that simple!

Video examples at 1000 FPS

Download the datasheet