H2i has great experience in the development and control of quartz movements. A measuring machine with the precision of 0.01 s/d has been developed for chronometric measurements and control of electric constants for all types of movement. This measurement has also been coupled with an optical state control in order to check the absence of motor defects in the implementation of hand movements.

One or more modules can be connected to the dedicated interface by a standard USB cable. They are automatically recognised and their names can be modified. The interface can manage the entire measurement parameters as well as the display and export of the results. It is responsive (adapts to all size of screens) and works perfectly on tactile tablets.

The optical state control is optional. It enables snapshots of the movement at regular and precise times and intervals to be taken: every minute, every hour, 12 hours or 24 hours. The fast scrolling of the photos taken allows the correct movement of the hands or the date window to be rapidly monitored.

Download the datasheet