• Ten-heads HMS version
  • Automatic watch centering
  • Automated hands detection
  • New watch model learning
  • State measurement in seconds
  • Daily precision calculated in s/d
  • Measurement duration: 15s to 60s
  • Local/Network/Cloud database
  • Typical precision: <0.5s on the second hand
  • Vision field: 55 x 55mm
  • Dimensions: 880mm x 880mm x 1500mm (W x D x H)
  • Weight: 120Kg
  • Daily state measurement on 10 watch heads or movements.
  • Typical accuracy: <0.5s on a second hand of appropriate size and sufficient contrast.
  • Adjustable measurement duration: 10s to 60s.
  • State measurement in seconds.
  • Daily precision extrapolated in seconds per day.
  • Second hand only: fine chronometry.
  • Second & Minute hands: debugging.
  • Full-automatic mode: automatic watch centering and hands detection.
  • Semi-automatic mode: automatic re-centering and manual angular detection of hands on models not measurable automatically.
  • Intuitive tool for teaching watch models.
  • Model testing protocol for precision evaluation.
  • Automatic centering of the watch during measurements (no support needed).
  • Real-time display of pictures and measurement results.
  • WEB interface H2i Dashboard for measurement management.
  • Batch creation tool (tray).
  • Association tool for watches within the tray.
  • Display of measurement results.
  • Local/Network/Cloud SQL database.
  • Black anodized fine-brushed aluminum measuring head.
  • Black and natural anodized sand-blasted aluminum chassis.
  • Two-handed drawers.
  • Ten cells tray, 70mm matrix.
  • Ten integrated PCs.
  • Maximum field of vision: 55mm x 55mm.
  • Power supply: 220V.
  • Dimensions: 880mm x 880mm x 1500mm (W x D x H).
  • Weight: 120 kg.