ONEOF® Accuracy Boutique Edition User Guide

This ONEOF® Accuracy Boutique Edition is designed to be USB-connected, eliminating the need for an external power supply. Its core functionality enables the rapid assessment of a watch’s performance in just two minutes. By efficiently identifying and resolving issues at the boutique level, it has the potential to directly mitigate up to 20% of return requests, resulting in a notable improvement in client satisfaction. This technical advancement in watch retail promises to enhance the overall shopping experience and reduce post-purchase complications.

Preparing the Accuracy App 


Before you begin, ensure that you have downloaded and installed the ONEOF® Accuracy App on your smartphone or tablet. You can find the ONEOF® Accuracy iOS app readily available on the Apple Store.

App Store Icon

Connecting the Sensor

To initiate the process, ensure that the Accuracy App is open on your smartphone or tablet. Next, connect your device to the Accuracy Boutique Edition sensor using the provided connectors. This connection is essential to unlock the full functionality of the App.
Note: If you are plugging in the sensor for the very first time, please ensure that an active Internet connection is available.

Connect Accuracy Boutique Edition to Smartphone or Tablet

Connecting the sensor

Winding the Watch

In the event that the watch is equipped with a screw-down system, start by unlocking the crown.
Next, ensure that you fully wind the watch by turning the crown in a clockwise direction.

Screw-down crown watch manual setting

Winding the watch

Positioning the Watch on the Sensor

Gently place the watch on the sensor, ensuring that the watch’s crown rests on the finely brushed square-like aluminum section.

ONEOF Accuracy Boutique Edition the watch placed on the sensor

Positioning the watch

Measuring the Watch

Upon placing the watch on the sensor, the App will automatically detect its presence and initiate the analysis process.
In under 30 seconds, the watch’s accuracy will be prominently displayed at the top of the screen.
Your subsequent actions will be guided by the measurement results.
It’s important to note that the measurement process will persist as long as the watch remains on the sensor.

Measuring the watch

Interpreting the Measurement Results

If the measurement results indicate that the watch’s accuracy is consistent and falls within the specified requirements, typically between -20 and +20 seconds per day, the watch is operating correctly and does not necessitate demagnetization.
It’s important to understand that minor fluctuations of a few seconds per day can occur, especially if the watch is tested in various positions.

Measurement within the range

If the measurement results reveal fluctuations outside of the specified range, it is recommended to proceed with the demagnetization process.

Measurement out-of-range

Demagnetizing a Mechanical Watch

Initiating the Demagnetizing Process

Press the “Demag” button (now represented as a lightning icon) situated in the upper right corner of the screen.
Following a 3-second countdown (indicated by the blue progress bar), the demagnetizing process will begin. This entails emitting a short, high-frequency magnetic impulse directly beneath the Accuracy Boutique Edition sensor, effectively demagnetizing the watch’s hairspring.

Accuracy Boutique Edition Demagnetizing Mechanica Match

Demagnetizing a mechanical watch

Accessing Measurement Results

Upon the completion of the demagnetization process, the App will automatically initiate a fresh analysis, as indicated by the white progress bar.
If the underlying issue was magnetization of the movement, you will notice that the accuracy stabilizes to a new value, bringing it closer to the specified requirements.
If the new accuracy remains consistent and falls within the specified range, this indicates a successful demagnetization, and the issue is resolved.
If the new accuracy remains stable and even improves compared to the pre-demagnetization state but still falls outside the specified range, it indicates partial demagnetization. In this case, please proceed to the multiposition demagnetization process.

Accessing measurement results

Multiposition Demagnetization

  • Hold the watch in a different vertical position above the sensor and press “Demag.”
  • Repeat the process with four distinct vertical positions, pressing “Demag” each time.
  • After completing these steps, check the accuracy of the watch. If the new accuracy remains stable and falls within the specified range, this indicates that the watch is now fully demagnetized, and the issue has been resolved.

Multiposition demagnetization